Azaadi Ke Senani - Dress Up Like Your Favourite Freedom Fighter


Our country's struggle for Independence was the culmination of the individual and collective sacrifices of crores of freedom fighters. Their stories of courage and determination are in inspiration to all of us today, as we celebrate Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, the 75th Year of Independence. Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has launched various programmes and initiatives to celebrate and mark this momentous occasion.

MyGov, under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, is organizing acompetition– 'Azaadi Ke Senani'(Dress up like a real superhero) as a part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations. This competition seeks to stir up love and respect among our younger generation for those who brought us freedom and also teach them about them.

Just as these heroes worked with a deep sense of patriotism for their country, the Ministry urges India's next generation, our children, to dress up like them!

Themes for Participation

This Competition series requires children to dress up as freedom fighter heroes oftheir choice and upload the video on various social media platforms and share the details on the MyGov Innovate platform. They must also use the hashtag(#AzaadiKeSenani) and tag MyGov where possible.

Children can dress-up like any of their favourite freedom fighters based on their birth anniversaries, Special days (National Unity Day, Gandhi Jayanti etc.), or other important events. The kids would be required to upload their video links.

Participation Guidelines

  1. The competition is open for participation to all citizens/Indian Nationals.
  2. Link of videos on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc., which is publicly accessible can be uploaded on MyGov platform along with contact information.
  3. The social media post may also include hashtag(#AzaadiKeSenani) Participant may also tag MyGov where possible.
  4. The video should ideally have a famous quote of the freedom fighter chosen (e.g. “Give me blood, and I shall give you freedom”, can perhaps be said by a child dressed up as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose)
  5. Video duration to be between 15 seconds to 30 seconds including credits.
  6. The entries are eligible in all recognized Indian languages/dialects.
  7. Each entry will be judged on the relevance of creativity, dressing and dialogue used.
  8. The best entries will be featured on MyGov’s website and promoted on social media handles to crores of MyGov users.

Important Dates

Competition Launch Date : 1st September, 2021

Competition End Date : 16th September, 2022

Terms and Conditions

  1. No Entry Fee is Applicable.
  2. DURATION: The video shall not be more than 30 seconds, including the beginning and end credits. Films exceeding this time limit are liable to be rejected. The maximum length should be 30 seconds including credits.
  3. The entries are eligible in all recognized Indian languages/dialects.
  4. One contestant may submit any number of entries.
  5. The content of the Video should be suitable for Universal Viewing.
  6. The participant must have full copyrights to the submitted material, including sound effects andmusic if used.
  7. MyGov will have copyright on the submitted entries for future use on its platform (website, social media and others) without any interference or permissions.
  8. MyGovwill not be responsible for any legal or financial implications involved in the production of videos including use of celebrities, songs, footage etc.
  9. The participant to self-certify the authenticity/claim about original entries.
  10. Every video entry should have clear VO/dialogue/music/song etc.
  11. The participant may consider using local geography, issues, themes, music/folk etc.
  12. The entries must have clear details on participant name, contact number and Name of the hero enacted upon.
  13. The video has to be uploaded on YouTube with a valid and active email id. Drive link which is publicly accessible can also be uploaded. The upload link needs to be filled up in Participation form of the challenge hosted on
  14. Competition submissions must not include any endorsements of products or services, or any obscene, violent, racist or defamatory content.
  15. Incomplete entries or entries that do not comply with the formal specifications will be automatically disqualified.
  16. The Video must not contain any provocative, objectionable or inappropriate content since the video is intended for viewing by all age groups.
  17. The submittedvideosif found suitable can be used by MyGov for social media promotion. No claim can be done by participant for the same.
  18. No copyright can be claimed by participant.
  19. Any politically inclined or offensive content/ violation of community standards will not be entertained and will be treated as an offence under Cyber Law.
  20. No requests relating to claims of re-evaluation of the entries will be considered.
  21. At any stage of evaluation, if an entry is found to violate the guidelines rules, the entry will be removed without giving any intimation.