Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship Programme

About Programme & Partners 

The National Commission for Women is the apex statutory organization working towards enabling women to achieve equality and equal participation in all spheres of life. Acknowledging that economic independence is the key to women empowerment, NCW aims to create a lasting impact for women across the country by providing women entrepreneurs access to knowledge and skills required to grow and sustain their entrepreneurial ventures.

To this end, National Commission for Women has joined hands with Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, a renowned academic institution fostering excellence in management, innovation and entrepreneurship, and has envisioned a collaborative online training programme in Hindi to support and sponsor digital learning of aspiring women entrepreneurs. Selected participants will also get a special chance to be mentored and incubated by our knowledge and mentoring partner, the India SME Forum, India’s largest not-for-profit organization for small & medium enterprises, post successful completion of the course.

The programme previously delivered in English has seen more than 1800 women successfully complete the course. The programme has now been re-conceptualized in Hindi to promote linguistic diversity, improve rate of participation, enhance learning outcomes and expand regional reach.

About the Course

This is a hands-on, action-oriented business and management course that introduces participants to a systematic, scientific and an easy process of testing your ideas and opportunities. Selected participants will learn the “Do your Venture” ideology, which will teach them common paths entrepreneurs take when launching their own venture. They will also learn the tools and techniques for generating ideas and then test their ideas in the field and gather feedback.

The Course will be sponsored by the National Commission for Women for all selected participants and will be delivered by IIMB. The Course is designed to enable aspiring women entrepreneurs to capitalize on this opportunity and learn from eminent faculty of IIMB. The course can be attended from any location at any convenient time. During the course, participants will also be encouraged to leverage on the peer network through discussion forum and other online tools at their disposal.


6 Weeks (Integrated with field work)


3-4 hours per week

Language of delivery


Video Transcripts

English & Hindi



Guidelines For Applicants

  1. Participation is open for all women who are above 18 years and are citizens of India.
  2. Applicants should be ideally at the ideation stage (beginning stage of a venture/startup including an idea) who intends to learn and grow from the various opportunities and from experiences of the successful entrepreneurs.
  3. You can apply for the programme by clicking on the 'CLICK HERE TO REGISTER'.
  4. Video submission should be as professional as possible and should not exceed 5 minutes. The objective is to gain a sense of your sincerity, motivation to apply, idea or pitch. The video can be in either Hindi or English. The applicant has to share link to their video via file-sharing/video hosting service such as YouTube, Vimeo.
  5. Multiple entries from the same participant are not allowed and the person may face disqualification.
  6. Any false representation or submission of any wrong information by any participant will disqualify their participation.
  7. The entry must not contain any provocative, objectionable or inappropriate content.
  8. All the entries submitted by the contestants will only be used for the purpose of this programme and participants consent to the use of information submitted by them.


Start Date: 29th January 2022 
End date 10th March 2022 

Click on the link https://nsrcel.iimbx.edu.in/ to learn more