AI for Agriculture Hackathon

AI for Agriculture Hackathon

Brought to you in partnership with MyGov, HUL and Google


On the occasion of World Water Day which is celebrated worldwide on 22nd March every year, MyGov, Google and HUL, want to partner with you to take AI solutions to the field.

80% of India's freshwater is used in agriculture. Water is integral to India's Food Security and it is critical to improve the efficiency of its usage. The aim of this event is to catalyze solutions that can reduce input use (particularly water) and transform farm returns.

Participants shall develop ideas and build prototypes to solve key challenges faced by farmers in water usage and sustainability. In addition to HUL’s Insights and Google’s Hardware and Technical Support, the selected participants will receive ongoing support through partnerships, tech advice, funding and in-market testing right up to launch.

The program commences with a 3 day virtual workshop. The workshop brings Google Tech to Agri startups and corporations to brainstorm and prototype to solve for the key challenges faced by farmers today when it comes to water usage and efficiency.

Possible focus areas/ challenges to solve for: Inputs (water wastage), market (sales of yield)
and crops (which crops to grow with what water usage).

  • Participants shall choose a problem statement given by experts (or their own problem statement related to water sustainability)
  • Google hardware will be shipped to the selected participants for prototyping solutions
  • Tech guidance and support from Google regardless of the participants AI experience and expertise level
  • A dedicated Google Point of Contact (POC) for online assistance to the participant's on all 3 days
  • Dedicated office hours and networking opportunities with agriculture experts and tech team at Google
  • Long term partnership and access to resources and funding to roll out prototypes from hackathon to the field

Guide to 3-Day Virtual Event

  • A 3- Day virtual workshop wherein Subject Matter Experts (SME) will develop problem statements
  • Agri startups/ corporations shall take up the problem statements or suggest their own and come up with AI led Agri solutions
  • Participants shall be provided with the infrastructure and support for solutions to be built along with AI tools and platforms, including:
    • TensorFlow
    • Coral
    • Jacquard
    • Google Cloud
  • By the end the hackathon, we expect to have multiple prototypes to take forward and roll out to the field to test and further develop them

Important Dates

  • Virtual Hackathon: 7th - 9th April 2021
  • Registration Opening Date: 15th March 2021
  • Registration Closing Date: 31st March 2021

Shortlisting Procedure

  • Proposed Solution: Does the solution adequately tackle the problem statement?
  • Product Fit: Will the solution be easy to use and accessible to farmers?
  • Tech Feasibility: Can the tech deliver on the product promise?
  • Scalability of Solution: Is the solution scalable enough?

Selected prototypes and teams will get an opportunity to partner with HUL and Google to further develop Prototypes to Products to Platforms to roll out to farmers in the field for long term impact!