NEP 2020 Actionable Points

NEP 2020 Introduction-nep-2020-p-3-nep

1. The aim must be for India to have an education system by 2040 that is second to none

NEP 2020 Introduction-nep-2020-p-3-nep-2

2. With equitable access to the highest-quality education for all learners regardless of social or economic background

NEP 2020 Chapter-9-quality-universities-and-colleges-a-new-and-forward-looking-vision-for-indias-higher-education-system-para-9-1-2

3. For the purpose of developing holistic individuals, it is essential that an identified set of skills and values will be incorporated at each stage of learning, from pre-school to higher education

NEP 2020 Chapter-10-institutional-restructuring-and-consolidation-para-10-2

4. To end the fragmentation of higher education system by transforming HEIs into multidisciplinary universities.

NEP 2020 Chapter-10-institutional-restructuring-and-consolidation-para-10-4

5. A stage wise mechanism for granting graded autonomy to colleges through a transparent system of graded accreditation

NEP 2020 Chapter-10-institutional-restructuring-and-consolidation-para-10-8

6. Establishing/transforming at least one HEI into large multidisciplinary H E I in or near every district

NEP 2020 Chapter-10-institutional-restructuring-and-consolidation-para-10-8-2

7. Capacity Creation

NEP 2020 Chapter-10-institutional-restructuring-and-consolidation-para-10-8-3

8. Medium of instruction in local/Indian languages/bilingually

NEP 2020 Chapter-10-institutional-restructuring-and-consolidation-para-10-9

9. A fair & transparent system of determining increased funding support for public HEIs

NEP 2020 Chapter-10-institutional-restructuring-and-consolidation-para-10-10

10. Institutions accredited for ODL will be encouraged to develop high quality online courses

NEP 2020 Chapter-10-institutional-restructuring-and-consolidation-para-10-12

11. Single stream HEIs will be phased out, and all will move towards becoming vibrant multidisciplinary institutions or parts of vibrant multidisciplinary HEI clusters

NEP 2020 Chapter-10-institutional-restructuring-and-consolidation-para-10-12-2

12. A concerted national effort including suitable mentoring and governmental support

NEP 2020 Chapter-10-institutional-restructuring-and-consolidation-para-10-13

13. The overall higher education sector will aim to be an integrated higher education system, including professional and vocational education

NEP 2020 Chapter-10-institutional-restructuring-and-consolidation-para-10-14

14. Complex nomenclature of HEIs shall be simply replaced by ‘university’ on fulfilling the criteria as per norms

NEP 2020 Chapter-11-towards-a-more-holistic-and-multidisciplinary-education-para-11-5

15. Imaginative and flexible curricular structures will enable creative combinations of disciplines for study and would offer multiple entry and exit points

NEP 2020 Chapter-11-towards-a-more-holistic-and-multidisciplinary-education-para-11-7

16. Departments in Languages, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Indology, Art, Dance,

Theatre, Education, Mathematics, Statistics, Pure and Applied Sciences, Sociology, Economics, Sports, Translation and Interpretation, etc. will be established and strengthened at all HEIs.

NEP 2020 Chapter-11-towards-a-more-holistic-and-multidisciplinary-education-para-11-8

17. Innovative curricula of all HEIs shall include credit-based courses and projects in the areas of community engagement and service, environmental education, and value-based education

NEP 2020 Chapter-11-towards-a-more-holistic-and-multidisciplinary-education-para-11-8-2

18. Students at all HEIs will be provided with opportunities for internship with local industry, business, artists, crafts persons, etc. as well as research internships with faculty and researchers.

NEP 2020 Chapter-11-towards-a-more-holistic-and-multidisciplinary-education-para-11-9

19. An Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) shall be established which would digitally store

the academic credits earned from various recognized HEIs so that the degrees from an HEI can be awarded taking into account credits earned.

NEP 2020 Chapter-11-towards-a-more-holistic-and-multidisciplinary-education-para-11-11

20. Model public universities for holistic and multidisciplinary education, at par with IITs,

IIMs, etc., called MERUs (Multidisciplinary Education and Research Universities) will be set up and will aim to attain the highest global standards in quality education.

NEP 2020 Chapter-11-towards-a-more-holistic-and-multidisciplinary-education-para-11-12

21. HEIs will focus on research and innovation by setting up start-up incubation centres,

technology development centres, centres in frontier areas of research, greater industry-academic linkages, and interdisciplinary research including humanities and social sciences research

NEP 2020 Chapter-12-optimal-learning-environment-and-support-for-students-para-12-2

22. Institutions and faculty will have the autonomy to innovate on matters of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment within a broad framework of higher education qualifications.

NEP 2020 Chapter-12-optimal-learning-environment-and-support-for-students-para-12-5

23. All programmes, courses, curricula, and pedagogy across subjects, including those in-class, online, and in ODL modes as well as student support will aim to achieve global standards of quality.

NEP 2020 Chapter-12-optimal-learning-environment-and-support-for-students-para-12-7

24. India will be promoted as a global study destination providing premium education at affordable costs

NEP 2020 Chapter-12-optimal-learning-environment-and-support-for-students-para-12-9

25. Vibrant campus life is essential for high quality teaching learning process.

NEP 2020 Chapter-12-optimal-learning-environment-and-support-for-students-para-12-10

26. Financial assistance to students shall be made available through various measures.

NEP 2020 Chapter-13-motivated-energized-and-capable-faculty-para-13-2

27. Initiatives to achieve the best, motivated, and capable faculty in HEIs.

NEP 2020 Chapter-13-motivated-energized-and-capable-faculty-para-13-3

28. Teaching duties also will not be excessive, and student- teacher ratios not too high.

NEP 2020 Chapter-13-motivated-energized-and-capable-faculty-para-13-4

29. Empowering the faculty to conduct innovative teaching, research, and service

NEP 2020 Chapter-13-motivated-energized-and-capable-faculty-para-13-5

30. Incentivizing the excellence of faculty

NEP 2020 Chapter-13-motivated-energized-and-capable-faculty-para-13-6

31. A clearly defined, independent, and transparent processes and criteria for faulty recruitment

NEP 2020 Chapter-13-motivated-energized-and-capable-faculty-para-13-6-3

32.There shall be a fast-track promotion system for recognizing high impact research and contribution

NEP 2020 Chapter-13-motivated-energized-and-capable-faculty-para-13-7

33. Excellent faculty with high academic and service credentials as well as demonstrated leadership and management skills will be identified early and trained through a ladder of leadership positions.

NEP 2020 Chapter-14-equity-and-inclusion-in-higher-education-para-14-4

34. Ensuring equitable access to quality education to all students, with a special emphasis on SEDGs.

NEP 2020 Chapter-15-teacher-education-paras-15-3

35. All multidisciplinary universities and colleges - will aim to establish, education Departments, will also run B.Ed. programmes, in collaboration with other departments.

NEP 2020 Chapter-15-teacher-education-para-15-5

36. The 4-year integrated B.Ed. offered by such multidisciplinary HEIs will, by 2030, become the minimal degree qualification for school teachers

NEP 2020 Chapter-15-teacher-education-para-15-7

37. Uniform standards for teacher education

NEP 2020 Chapter-15-teacher-education-para-15-5-2

38. Scholarships for meritorious students will be established for the purpose of attracting outstanding candidates to the 4- year, 2-year, and 1- year B.Ed. programmes

NEP 2020 Chapter-15-teacher-education-para-15-8

39. Departments of Education will necessarily aim to be diverse and but teaching/field/research experience will be highly valued

NEP 2020 Chapter-15-teacher-education-para-15-10

40. In-service continuous professional development for college and university teachers will be strengthened

NEP 2020 Chapter-15-teacher-education-para-15-9

41. All fresh Ph.D. entrants, irrespective of discipline, will be required to take

credit- based courses in teaching/education/ pedagogy/writing related to their chosen Ph.D subject during their doctoral training period.

NEP 2020 Chapter-16-re-imagining-vocational-education-para-16-4

42. This policy aims to overcome the social status hierarchy associated with vocational education

NEP 2020 Chapter-16-reimagining-vocational-education-para-16-5

43. MHRD will constitute a National Committee for the Integration of Vocational

Education (NCIVE), consisting of experts in vocational education and representatives from across Ministries, in collaboration with industry, to oversee this effort.

NEP 2020 Chapter-16-reimagining-vocational-education-para-16-8

44. The National Skills Qualifications Framework will be detailed further

NEP 2020 Chapter-17-catalysing-quality-academic-research-in-all-fields-through-a-new-national-research-foundation-para-17-8

45. Policy envisions a comprehensive approach to transforming the quality and quantity of research in India

NEP 2020 Chapter-17-catalysing-quality-academic-research-in-all-fields-through-a-new-national-research-foundation-para-17-9

46. Establishing National Research Foundation (NRF)

NEP 2020 Chapter-18-transforming-the-regulatory-system-of-higher-education-para-18-1

47. Transforming the Regulatory System of Higher Education

NEP 2020 Chapter-18-transforming-the-regulatory-system-of-higher-education-para-18-10

48. Extensive use of technology in regulation

NEP 2020 Chapter-18-transforming-the-regulatory-system-of-higher-education-para-18-11

49. Setting up new quality HEIs will also be made far easier by the regulatory regime

NEP 2020 Chapter-18-transforming-the-regulatory-system-of-higher-education-para-18-12

50. Curbing Commercialization of Education

NEP 2020 Chapter-18-transforming-the-regulatory-system-of-higher-education-para-18-13

51. All HEIs - public and private - shall be treated on par within this regulatory regime

NEP 2020 Chapter-19-effective-governance-and-leadership-for-higher-education-institutions-para-19-2

52. Through a suitable system of graded accreditation and graded autonomy, and

in a phased manner over a period of 15 years, all HEIs in India will aim to become independent self- governing institutions pursuing innovation and excellence.

NEP 2020 Chapter-19-effective-governance-and-leadership-for-higher-education-institutions-para-19-5

53. Each institution will make a strategic Institutional Development Plan on the basis

of which institutions will develop initiatives, assess their own progress, and reach the goals set therein, which could then become the basis for further public funding.

NEP 2020 Chapter-20-professional-education-para-20-3

54. Agricultural education with allied disciplines will be revived

NEP 2020 Chapter-20-professional-education-para-20-1

55. Professional education should not take place in the isolation of one's specialty

NEP 2020 Chapter-20-professional-education-para-20-3-2

56. To set up Agricultural Technology Parks to promote technology incubation and dissemination and promote sustainable methodologies

NEP 2020 Chapter-20-professional-education-para-20-4

57. Legal education needs to be competitive globally, adopting best practices and embracing new technologies for wider access to and timely delivery of justice.

NEP 2020 Chapter-20-professional-education-para-20-5

58. Healthcare education needs to be re-envisioned so that the duration, structure, and design of the educational programmes need to match the role requirements that graduates will play.

NEP 2020 Chapter-21-adult-education-and-lifelong-learning-para-21-4

59. Strong and innovative government initiatives for adult education

NEP 2020 Chapter-21-adult-education-and-lifelong-learning-para-21-5

60. Adult education curriculum framework will be developed by a new and well- supported constituent body of the NCERT that is dedicated to adult education

NEP 2020 Chapter-21-adult-education-and-lifelong-learning-para-21-6

61. Suitable infrastructure will be ensured so that all interested adults will have access to adult education and lifelong learning.

NEP 2020 Chapter-21-adult-education-and-lifelong-learning-para-21-7

62. Training of instructors/educators of adult education

NEP 2020 Chapter-21-adult-education-and-lifelong-learning-para-21-8

63.Opportunities for adult education will be widely publicized

NEP 2020 Chapter-21-adult-education-and-lifelong-learning-para-21-9

64.improvingthe availability and accessibility of books

NEP 2020 Chapter-22-promotion-of-indian-languages-arts-and-culture-para-22-6

65.Languages of India to remain relevant and vibrant

NEP 2020 Chapter-22-promotion-of-indian-languages-arts-and-culture-para-22-7

66.Skilled language teachers in India

NEP 2020 Chapter-22-promotion-of-indian-languages-arts-and-culture-para-22-7-2

67.Language-teaching to be improved

NEP 2020 Chapter-22-promotion-of-indian-languages-arts-and-culture-para-22-8

68.Hiring of outstanding local artists, writers, craftsperson and other experts as master instructors in various subjects of local expertise

NEP 2020 Chapter-22-promotion-of-indian-languages-arts-and-culture-para-22-9

69.Quality research in the field of Indian language. Art and culture

NEP 2020 Chapter-22-promotion-of-indian-languages-arts-and-culture-para-22-11

70.High-quality programmes and degrees in Translation and Interpretation

NEP 2020 Chapter-22-promotion-of-indian-languages-arts-and-culture-para-22-12

71.The knowledge of the rich diversity of India should be imbibed first hand by learners

NEP 2020 Chapter-22-promotion-of-indian-languages-arts-and-culture-para-22-15

72.Sanskrit will be mainstreamed.

NEP 2020 Chapter-22-promotion-of-indian-languages-arts-and-culture-para-22-16

73.Institutes of Classical languages

NEP 2020 Chapter-22-promotion-of-indian-languages-arts-and-culture-para-22-18

74. Academies for languages mentioned in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India

NEP 2020 Chapter-22-promotion-of-indian-languages-arts-and-culture-para-22-20

75. Scholarships and incentives to study Indian Languages, Arts, and Culture

NEP 2020 Chapter-23-technology-use-and-integration-para-23-3

76. Use and integration of technology to improve multiple aspects of education

NEP 2020 Chapter-23-technology-use-and-integration-para-23-6

77. Suitable equipment will be made available to teachers at schools so that teachers can suitably integrate e- contents into teaching- learning practices

NEP 2020 Chapter-23-technology-use-and-integration-para-23-6-2

78. Better integration of Technology-based education platforms, such as DIKSHA/SWAYAM, across school and higher education

NEP 2020 Chapter-23-technology-use-and-integration-para-23-7

79. Particular attention will need to be paid to emerging disruptive technologies that will necessarily transform the education system

NEP 2020 Chapter-23-technology-use-and-integration-para-23-9

80. Initiating and expanding research efforts in new disruptive technology

NEP 2020 Chapter-23-technology-use-and-integration-para-23-11

81. Universities will aim to offer Ph.D. and Masters programmes in core areas

NEP 2020 Chapter-23-technology-use-and-integration-para-23-12

82. Awareness on disruptive technologies

NEP 2020 Chapter-24-online-and-digital-education-ensuring-equitable-use-of-technology-para-24-4

83. Ensuring the use of technology for online and digital education by adequately addressing the concerns of equity.

NEP 2020 Chapter-24-online-and-digital-education-ensuring-equitable-use-of-technology-para-24-5

84. Creating a Dedicated Unit for Building of World Class, Digital Infrastructure, Educational Digital Content and Capacity

NEP 2020 Chapter-25-strengthening-the-central-advisory-board-of-education-para-25-1

85. Strengthening and empowering CABE with much greater mandate.

NEP 2020 Chapter-26-financing-affordable-and-quality-education-for-all-para-26-2

86. Centre and the States will work together to increase the public investment in Education sector to reach 6% of GDP at the earliest

NEP 2020 Chapter-27-implementation-para-27-3

87. Subject-wise implementation Committee of experts in cooperation and consultation with other ministries at the Center and State levels.

NEP 2020 Chapter-27-implementation-para-27-3-2

88. Yearly joint reviews of the progress of implementation by designated teams constituted by MHRD and States and sharing review with CABE