Inviting Videos of Transformative Impact


Over the last few years, the government has launched various schemes for the welfare of the citizens. These schemes have not only helped citizens to financially empower themselves, but have also improved their lives in every way resulting in making India the 3rd largest economy in the World. These schemes have helped in eradicating India from the clutches of poverty, malnutrition, and other social challenges. At the same time, these schemes have created huge infrastructure to be used by citizens.

The implementation of these schemes is based on various aspects, including the evaluation process, understanding, accessibility, acceptability, and capabilities for last-mile implementation.

MyGov is a citizen engagement platform to give easy and single-point access to information about several welfare schemes of the Government. In this context, MyGov is organizing a "Inviting Videos of Transformative Impact," encouraging all citizens to submit videos of beneficiaries describing how a particular scheme/schemes have benefited them or their community or their village/ city.

The video should focus on the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ transformation and should highlight the benefits received from the scheme/schemes.

Click here to view the list of the schemes for vide submission.

Participation Guidelines:

  • The video should focus on the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ transformation and should highlight the benefits received from the scheme/schemes
  • In the case of video submission, participants should upload their video to any media platform such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, or any social media platform and share that link in the submission box.
  • The maximum length of the video is 2 minutes, and the minimum length should not be less than 50 seconds.


Start Date: 23rd January 2023
End Date: 31st March 2023

Terms and Conditions:

  • All Indian citizens may participate.
  • Participants are required to register themselves on the platform by filling a simple registration form.
  • Citizens can participate in all the categories choosing from the drop down Menu, but can upload only one video for each category.
  • Multiple submission is allowed for a participant
  • Incomplete entries will not be considered.
  • The video entries should be original.
  • All entries obtained through unauthorised sources or which are incomplete, illegible, mutilated, altered, reproduced, forged, irregular, or fraudulent in any way or otherwise not in compliance with the rules are automatically void.
  • All videos will be intellectual property of MyGov and participants shall not exercise any right or claim over it.
  • The winning entries may be used by the Government of India or at any other place for promotional/ or display purposes, Information and Communication materials, and for any other use as may be deemed appropriate.
  • It is strongly advised not to wait until the deadline for the submission of entries. Organisers shall not be responsible for non-receipt of entries on account of server errors/ traffic.
  • The organizers reserve the right to select or reject any submission without assigning any reasons whatsoever and without thereby incurring any liability to the participant(s) whatsoever.
  • The organizers will reserve the right to use the submitted entries for promotional, advertising and display purposes and to assign it to any person or group of people.
  • The organizers reserve to cancel the competition or modify the rules, dates of the competition anytime. The Organizers shall have no liability whatsoever for any inconvenience/loss directly or indirectly caused to any Participant due to such modification of rules/cancellation of competition and the Participants shall accordingly not be entitled to raise any claims pertaining to the same.
  • Once the participants have made submissions on the platform, they shall have no claim even in the event of stoppage/cancellation of the competition.
  • Removal/ voluntary withdrawal of members is not encouraged. No other form of modification will be entertained at any point.
  • Once such a nomination has been received, organizers may correspond with the nominee/nominator for supplementary information, if necessary.

Awards and Recognition:

  • The Best submitted videos will be rewarded with cash prize of Rs. 2,000/- each to the maximum of 25 BEST videos in a month.
  • For the month of January 2023, BEST videos to the maximum of only 10 will be awarded.
  • All selected BEST video winners will receive a Certificate of Recognition from MyGov.