MyGov and the National Center for Vector Borne Diseases Control Division (NCVBDC) of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare invite students from Class 6th to 8th, 9th to 12th, and Graduate/Post Graduate students from universities and technical institutions across India to design a poster and write a slogan on Lymphatic Filariasis (Haathipawn) from India.

Lymphatic Filariasis (LF), which is also known as Elephantiasis or Haathipanw, is a disfiguring and disabling disease caused by the bite of culex mosquito. This mosquito is responsible for spreading disease causing parasite called microfilaria into human body. This parasite takes years to develop in the body and symptoms may appear after 5-15 years of mosquito bite. Symptoms of filariasis include mild fever, swelling in legs, genitals and hands.

Lymphatic Filariasis (LF)

To prevent LF it is advised to avoid mosquito bites, and control mosquito breeding in our surroundings. Use of bednets and wearing clothes covering full body helps in avoiding mosquito bites. Keeping our surroundings clean helps in controlling mosquito breeding.

Avoid stagnant water in drain or sewer

Avoid stagnant water in drain or sewer

Avoid water logging at low lying areas

Avoid water logging at low lying areas

Avoid water logging in small and big ditches

Avoid water logging in small and big ditches

Release larvivores Gambusia fish into ponds and water reservoirs

Release larvivores Gambusia fish into ponds and water reservoirs

Lymphatic Filariasis (LF)

To prevent the progression of microfilaria into the human body and avoid LF disease from reaching severe condition, patients and common people need compliance with Mass Drug Administration (MDA) Campaigns & education on basic hygiene. People must eat anti-filariasis medicine once year during MDA campaign.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, provides Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention (MMDP) kits for self-care among individuals with lymphoedema.

Free-of-cost surgery is available for hydrocele patients at government health facilities.

In this context, National Centre for Vector Borne Diseases Control (NCVBDC) is organising an All-India Poster and Slogan Writing Competition on the mentioned subject through web portal.


Schools affiliated with CBSE, including Kendriya Vidyalaya, Navodaya Vidyalaya, and National Institute of Open Schooling, and schools affiliated to all State Boards and University students can participate in the Campaign and submit the best poster designs and slogans on the MyGov portal. The competition aims to enhance awareness among students regarding Lymphatic Filariasis.

Competition period

10th July 2024 to 10th August 2024

Target Participants

School and university students across India

Participation Categories

Category I

Class 6th -8th

Category II

Class 9th – 12th

Category III

Higher Education (UG, PG students from universities and technical institutions)


  • Community togetherness against Lymphatic Filariasis
  • Promote Mass Drug Administration (MDA)
  • Awareness about control and prevention of Culex mosquito

Guidelines for Entries

  • Use full chart paper to draw and write your slogan, text should be clear and readable.
  • Submissions must encompass a "suitable & pertinent slogan."
  • The entries can be submitted in English and Hindi language only.
  • Size of the submission file shall not exceed 5 MB.

Selection Criteria

Language, Creativity, Writing skill, Simplicity, Alignment with theme/topic

Methodology for selection

  • Preliminary Screening Committee:
    • Shortlist 100 Poster and slogans from each category.
    • A jury will select the top 10 winners.
  • Awards and Recognition:
    • Top 10 students in each category will receive certificates of participation and appreciation from NCVBDC handed over to them by Regional Officers.
    • Top 10 Poster and slogans along with photographs of winners will be shared by NCVBDC, MoHFW through “X” (formerly Twitter), Facebook and other social media handles.


Start Date: 10th July 2024
End Date: 2024 10th August 2024